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Slut-shaming women is still a thing?

While waiting for more depth follow up post about another great conference, there is another thing I wanted to talk about and share with you. Slut-shaming women and judging them for their clothes choices, at the conferences or wherever, really?

4 inspiring people I’m glad to meet

Preparing myself for the conference, looking at the Agenda and such great speakers list, I found myself excited because of 4 inspiring people I’m glad to meet there. Don’t get me wrong, the whole list is nothing but impressive and keeps getting better every year; it’s just that there are few of them that

Brand Minds 2017 takeaways

Advertised as the Central and Eastern European Business Summit of the year, Brand Minds 2017 was The conference to be in this spring and was held for the first time in Bucharest, Romania. Ever since I saw who the participants will be, I wanted to go, but.. Few things kept me from going, but I

WordCamp Split 2016 takeaways

Last weekend was the WordCamp Split 2016, bringing out people from around Europe to talk WordPress, development, business, blogging and much more, and here are some useful takeaways.

How to measure website traffic?

Because there are still some of you who gets confused, here’s a how to measure website traffic and you’re welcome 🙂  

The truth about #NoKosovoUnesco

After my previous article about #NoKosovoUnesco campaign in which I expressed doubt as to who is really behind it, one of organizers and co-founder of 28. June – Filip Filipi – contacted me, wanting to do an exclusive interview regarding the campaign.  

#NoKosovoUnesco – is it a political campaign?

Last month, Serbia was involved in #NoKosovoUnesco campaign against Kosovo’s UNESCO bid. Campaign achieved great success on Social Media and had excellent measurable results of which Netokracija wrote about.