Žene u liderstvu/Women in leadership

Twitter, pored brzine kojom proizvodi, plasira i prenosi vesti, obiluje i velikim brojem korisnih panela – jedan od njih je i nedavni #LeadWithGiants na temu žena u liderstvu. Evo i detalja.
In addition to the speed whit which it produces, sells and broadcast the news, Twitter has a large number of useful panels and one of tham was recent #LeadWithGiants, with the topic of women in leadership. Here are the details.

Pre svega, Lead With Giants je online zajednica koja okuplja ljude iz celog sveta sa jednim ciljem – da postanu bolji lideri, a cela ideja je inspirisana jednim odličnim citatom:

If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants. Sir Isac Newton

a više o tome kako se možete pridružiti ovoj zajednici pročitajte . 
Imajući u vidu činjenicu da muškarci čine većinu zaposlenih na vodećim pozicijama u organizacijama, kompanijama, vladama, tema “Žene u liderstvu” činila mi se veoma interesantnom da vidim i otkrijem kakav stav po tom pitanju imaju i ljudi iz drugih zemalja, ne samo kod nas, a svakako je i uvek goruća tema o kojoj se u javnosti nedovoljno govori. 
188 učesnika odgovaralo je na 10 pitanja i napravilo doseg od preko 600.000 (izvor statistike: Tvitni.me), a mene zanimaju kakvi su vaši stavovi i odgovori?

First of all, is an online community that brings together people from all over the world with one goal – to become better leaders, and the whole idea was inspired by a great quote: 

If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants. Sir Isac Newton

Given the fact that men are over-represented in leadership positions in organizations, companies, governments, etc; “Women in Leadership” theme seemed to be very interesting to see and find out what kind of attitude on this issue people from other countries have, because it certainly is still a burning issue.
There were 188 participants wrom all over the world who answered the 10 questions and made ​​a reach of over 600,000 (Source: Tvitni.me), and I’m interested to know what ate your views and responses to these questions?
Q1 How do women lead differently than men?

Q2 Why is it easier or harder for a woman to gain respect at work?

Q3 Should women in leadership attempt to be one of the boys? 

Q4 How does being a “tough boss” mean something different for women than for men?

Q5 Do you think women are held to different professional standards than men? Why?

Q6 Which would you prefer as a Mentor, a man or a woman? Why? 

Q7 Why do some think women are too “emotional” to lead? 

Q8 What happens when women leaders are overly concerned with being “likeable”? 

Q9 Why are women not compensated equally?

Q10 How to you go about making gender a none issue when it comes to #Leadership?

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