4 Social Media Trends in 2017

The beginning of the year often means we get to predict stuff so, here it goes: these are 4 Social Media Trends in 2017 that I think will be important for you to know.


Live video streaming

Like I already mentioned it in my 3 Top Marketing Trends predictions, live video streaming is a go to way of representing yourself and getting your message out there. And not only that, with Snapchat’s Spectacles, one can only imagine what will the future of streaming bring on.

Filter and lenses

Love it or hate it, say and think what you want about Snapchat, but it sure dictates quite some things in this digital pond of ours. Not sure what I’m talking about? Facebook’s and Instagram’s “new features” that come in a form of filter and lenses sure look a lot like Snapchat’s origin, don’t you think? In fact, they are getting so big, that more and more brands are thinking (and investing) in branding them. Think Nordstorm, Tiffany’s, Bloomingdale’s, H&M and you’ll get an idea.

Pay to play

You want to be seen, recognized, more aware? Well, free ride times are over and you better pay to play, because organic (remember that good old times?) is getting lower than ever before. Step your game up and be prepared to invest serious amounts of money in order to really go out there and reach your target groups/buyers/community with your stuff. And it better be of your greatest quality and mean to people, otherwise you’re gamble your money away.


It’s all about the people

Whether it’s customer service or employees advocacy, Social Media presence is – as it should be – all about people. We are long gone beyond using Social Media as only marketing channel, instead, we should be using it as communication and problems solving tool because it’s quicker, more personal and humanizing that way. Use your digital channels as a way for people to know You, not just your products and/or messages, solve their problems, ease their worries, really talk WITH them and your efforts will be worth while.


Of course, there is plenty more trends to look out for, like virtual reality, augmented reality, chat bots.., but these are the basics we all need to cover in order to suit up and give our best out there 🙂

What are some of the trends you predict will go big? Share the knowledge and let me know.

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