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Facebook Pages are gone, now what?

Should have known it’s coming: Facebook Pages are gone from News Feed, in order to make more room for friend’s posts. Now what?


So, it’s official. Facebook pages will no longer be seen on user’s News Feed. After all the talks on the latest algorithm changes and Explore Feed mess, it is quite clear. If you are a brand or a company, a public person and you have your Facebook Page – the only way to be seen on News Feed is TO PAY.

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Friends over brands

Sure, we did all that even before, but now it is what it is. Without paying for ads, without boosting your posts, you will not get through to the people on Facebook. Unless you go out and spam friends and family to share your post on their feeds – which is a big no-no. Please, don’t do that.

What happened?

As they earlier announced, it is the end of the Facebook News Feed as we know it. Mark himself stated that they are bringing Facebook back to its primary core – to be a place for personal engagement and sharing. Meaning that now that Facebook Pages are gone from News Feed, people will be free of unececery content and free to interact with friends and family more.

The intention is to move from passive consumption to meaningful conversation, as John Hegeman, VP of Product Management for News Feed shared with the journalist Filip Struhárik.

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So, Facebook Pages are gone; now what?

Simple. Finally understand that, while Social Media is free to open, their usage is not. Besides content, creativity and time, money now is an equally important matter when considering your Social Media presence. With that in mind, it is clear what’s needed to be done.

Focus (more) on your own media. Whether you are a news site, a company, a brand, influencer, a blogger – focus more on the platform you’re on. Have more relevant, more valuable content, invest money and time in educating yourself more on copywriting, SEO, marketing, and PR – all the tools that can and will help you reach your customers and goals in more meaningful and productive way.

Or.. ditch all that and “just” pay Facebook to chase people through its platform not being sure if it’ll bring you what you want the way you want it.


Because today it’s Facebook. Tomorrow it can be Twitter, or YouTube, or any other Social Media channel out there. Those are someone else playgrounds we’re just playing on. Our blogs and our websites are our own, retake the charge of them, make sure they are better, and you’ll have one less worry on your mind. I promise.


And if you need any help in that department – contact me, and I’ll be happy to help.

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