Daily biz tips of the day

If you are following me on Snapchat, you probably saw that I’ve started snapping daily biz tips regarding digital marketing, Social Media, entrepreneurship.. and so on.

This is something that I’ll be doing on a regular basis – 5 days a week – do join me and let’s discuss together.

For all of you who  missed last week’s tips and tricks, here they are – do have in mind that this was week one, so tips and tricks are inspire by some daily happenings online.


1. Identify ways in which your competitors are lacking and take advantage of it.

Monday tip was about analyzing your competition, finding out their soft spots and using them in your advantage. How? Let’s say you have cosmetics & spa saloon, and you see that your competition is on Social Media, but only to promote and advertise their services. You could go an extra mile by writing about relevant and useful beauty advices, set up a day in a week for a regular Q&A, ask fans and followers to participate by posting pics from your place, tagging you for discounts, sweepstakes and so on. You get the point.

2. Don’t talk about things you don’t know and work well.

Yes. We live in a time where everyone is expert and/or a guru for something.Well, you’d better put money where your mouth is if you are representing yourself in that way. Otherwise, you’ll be seen through pretty soon and your reputation will go down the drain.

3. Use and engage in Twitter chats, for networking and as a source of valuable info.

Twitter chats are an excellent opportunity for networking, meeting new people from the industry, gathering new knowledge as well as new tips and tricks from the trade.

4. One of the much needed basics: use Facebook Page and NOT profile for your business.

One would think that this is way to obvious, but it’s not. People, brands, businesses are still opening Facebook profiles instead Pages and it is so yesterdays news and against Facebook rules.

5. Good, relevant and valuable Social Media profiles are essential for building a personal brand.

No matter how good, relevant and valuable professional you are, you should be able to stand out online, too. We are all online, it’s the place where all conversation is, a place where businesses are starting, sparking off and where deals are being made. That is where your Social Media profiles come in handy. Do you have LinkedIn profile? How about Twitter account, Facebook profile, Page for your business? Represent yourself, put yourself out there and tell people what is that that you are good at, and not only that, tell them how you can solve their problem – better than anyone else. Be present.

If you’re on Snapchat, follow me there and look for more daily biz tips of the day.


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