Daily biz tips about putting yourself out there – Snapchat daily tips

Continuing with my Snapchat daily biz tips, second week was about putting yourself out there and by that, I mean this:


1. Share your knowledge & grow together with the people you’ve helped.

Let’s say, for instance, you sell women shoes and bags. You should talk about your products, how you’re making them, what makes them special – but you should also talk about your vision, things that made you go into that business, the good and the bad that you’ve come upon while making your company, as well as educating people about benefits that women will have by using your products, publishing fashion tips, advices on how to take care of products they bought, buying guides and so on. You could go a little further and make photo/video testimonials of happy customers, ask for feedback and include some of customer advices you receive.. In that way, you and your community will grow together.

2. Surround yourself w/people better than yourself, you can’t do everything.

No matter how much you love what you do and find yourself hard to delegate or think that no one can do your business better than you, be sure that you can’t do everything by yourself. Talking to customers, getting new clients, getting proper outsource, taking care of finance, develop strategies, doing marketing and PR,.. Cooperate with people that are good or even better than you in their line of work and your business will grow.


3. Online promotion isn’t just about ads, it’s how you communicate with people.

Online presence is all about listening and talking with the people, not just to them. Promotion on the internet is much more than just paying Google and Facebook ads. You need to be out there, to invest time and people to spark interest and conversation about you and your business, your brand, your services. You need to solve people’s problems, to offer them some kind of value – which is equally important as paying for ads.

4. Use content curation to promote your business without spamming about yourself.

Beside your own content, offers and self promotion, you are what you publish, share and like, so – plan and choose wisely what you publish out there. Be smart and use content curation as a tool which supports your content strategy and makes you more relevant in the line of business that you work in. Some of the useful content curation tools (besides Twitter) that you can use and which I’m pretty satisfied are:



5. Always invest in yourself, knowledge is out there, just make time for it.

Just like with your own business, you should make time to work on yourself. Now, more than ever before, knowledge is everywhere we look, we just need to take it. And, many of the knowledge resources are free – thanks to internet.

Don’t know where to look? Let me help you a little:

Khan Academy

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