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In the third week of Snapchat’s daily advices, I’ve shared some Social Media biz tips that I hope you’ll find useful. So, here we go.

1. One of the best ways to improve your social strategy is to learn from others.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced marketer, we all get stuck from time to time and there’s nothing bad in watching and learning how to do something by seeing how others do it. Non of us knows everything about everything and there’s always someone who knows more than we do – why not use it and learn something of it? And, just because video is the it thing nowadays, here’s some useful tips from Netflix’s social strategy.

2. You are what you post, be sure to know what you share & talk & stay by it.

One of the basics: no matter how good you create your key messages, polish your website and manage social presence – the stuff you post, share and like talk about you even more. Know this all the time and be prepared to stand besides all those indirect messages you’re sending that way.

3. Don’t use SM just because everyone does, make a valuable strategy.

Just because you see big brands or your competition stretched all across social networks, doesn’t mean you need to be, too. Think thoroughly to what your business and marketing goals are, who is your targeted audience/s and what platform are they using and how – and then make and tailor  your social strategy to fit all theirs and yours needs.

4. Talk about your mistakes, let other people learn from them, too.

We all make mistakes and mistakes are an opportunity for us to learn from them. People will appreciate any lesson they can learn without making the same mistake by themselves. Look what Buffer did – spilling their guts and talking about big mistakes that they made, forcing them to make 10 layoffs. They talked openly about their mistakes, what led to them and how to overcome the problems. Big, huge business lesson to us all, don’t you think?


5. Blog about your line of work, spread the word about your expertise.

And where did Buffer talked about their mistakes? On it’s blog, off course. All that stuff, as well as your business tips and tricks, what you do and how, what you’ve learned through that process – all that is valuable content that you can express in a form of blog. No matter what some say, blog is not dead and is still valuable content marketing tool.

What are some Social Media tips that you’ve used and found helpful? Share your thoughts and let’s share experiences.



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